Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Business

the colors
I have finished a cardigan, a shawl and a pair of socks in the past week, and I am feeling pretty darn good about it!  I promised myself that if I finished the cardigan, after I finished the shawl that I could start a new project.  I had a few in mind, and had lots of yarn to choose from.  As I plowed through my stash, winding all the hand dyed yarn, I kept moving a basket of yarn I'd bought two or three years ago when Lanny was buying from Jagger yarns.  I bought an issue of Interweave Knits in 2000, the Spring 2000 issue, just because it had this incredible cardigan in it.  Can you imagine my shock when the woman in the yarn shop told me I couldn't afford the yarn I needed to make it?  I never forgot the sweater, though, and I have the yarn, and I have the promise to myself.  The sweater begins with 305 stitches on size 2.5 needles, in 10 boring rounds of stockinette.  Excitement builds slowly with 6 rows of pink stockinette, only to switch back to 6 more rows of white.  I'm about to start the stems of the flowers with the next row, on size 3 needles.  I'm switching the weird beige Christmas tree shapes in the body of the the cardigan to the flower repeats that are on the sleeves, because I want it to be interesting.  I think this is going to be quite a time investment, so I want to at least enjoy it.
  I've also started a new shawl, and it is zipping along.  It's from my favorite new knitting magazine, Knit Wear, also from Interweave.  The shawl is knit from one corner, starting with only 3 stitches, progressing to its ultimate size, knitting the border alongside the body, then finishing with the border going up the other side.  This is hand-dyed merino, on size 6 needles.  It's fun and interesting, and I have plans to make another in the Jagger Zephyr, with beads along the border.

  Yesterday, LouAnn's son, artist Nick DeFord taught a group of the Tuesday Weavers to make free form baskets.  It was a beautiful day, with lots of students, and a wonderful teacher.  This is my basket, and free form it was.  I need to trim it up and remove the jute that was holding wayward reeds in place, but I know it will not be my last basket.  It was so much fun!  
  Today is supposed to be beautiful, but I need it to warm a little bit more before I get out there and garden.  Might need one more cup of coffee and just a couple rows on the new sweater.  What a lovely Sunday!