Friday, January 23, 2015

Looking Backward to Go Forward

This is a pattern I fell in love and started to make in 1991, back when I was in love with a ne'er-do-well who took me nice places, requiring formal attire.  I had chosen a beautiful teal fabric with darker teal ripples through it, and some lighter teal for the underlining.  I bought it at the now-defunct Cloth World, a place I loved to go on my days off to fondle fabric and dream of outfits yet to be.
  Now, this dress looks silly, with it's gi-normous shoulders, but I still love the pleats everywhere.  I've lost the waist that would have been accentuated, and will never make this dress, but it was a lovely thought.
  And alas, Ne'er-do-well lived up to his description and dumped me before I had the second sleeve cut out.  But look at the advantage it's given me!  I now have that lovely teal fabric to line a new winter coat.  I'd thank him, but if I ever see him again, I'd punch him in the nose so  hard, thank you would seem a silly thing to say.

I bought this nice coat pattern a few years ago, and really like the two asymmetrical views, and the white coat.  I've chosen the white style to make the next coat, using this lovely wool-silk blend, lined with the teal fabric, and because I ran out of the wool-silk before I cut out the facings and collar, I raided my scrap pile and found a big-enough piece of black cashmere for that.  It will be one classy coat, and I'm anxious to get started.
  But first, I need to finish a top I cut out a few weeks ago.   Sleeves are going in next, and I'll show you it when it's done.

I leave you with my work from yesterday:  Banana pudding cupcakes, vegan Mexican hot chocolate and gluten free pecan caramel turtles.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I'm Still Here!

If anyone has been wondering where I've been in all this time, I want you to know that I'm still here, still baking, weaving, knitting and still  hanging out with the furry entourage.

Work dominates my life, in ways pleasant and unpleasant.

For Christmas gifts for families and friends, I made tamales, chicken and beef.  I've heard they're delicious, but I haven't even tried my batch yet!

I've been involved with some city government work that is fascinating and time consuming.  I've finished an 11-week course in building strong neighborhoods, but my own neighborhood group is floundering.  My great speaker series that I thought would be so invigorating didn't draw crowds, except for the one featuring Jack Neely, our local historian.  Read about him here:  He came to explain to us why our neighborhood exists, how it came to be settled in the teens and twenties of the 20th century.  The rest were not so well received, and now, we can't get enough neighbors to attend to have a real election.  I'm still President, and still struggling with getting more people involved.
Camelias blooming 

I am working on a neat project through the North Broadway Task Force, trying to get six artist-designed bus stops installed along North Broadway Street, from Central to I-640.  Yesterday, we met with a representative from Knox Area Transit to pick out potential bus stop sites.  I think this project will probably take a couple of years, but it will be cool!
And I've been knitting like a crazy woman, every time I sit down.  At Christmas, I promised myself not to make every gift for everyone, the way I usually do.  The tamales took a day, and cookies took another.  Everything was mailed quickly to ensure freshness, and then I was able to enjoy the holidays.
In January!
Since then, I've almost finished the black chenille sweater, and did finish the yellow-green sweater, but have not been able to face its redoing of the sleeves.  I've finished LouAnn's socks--check out her entry at Loomy Tunes this past Thursday--and have wanted to start a pair of socks for myself, just haven't yet.
Well, Ramen broth is brewing for dinner, and it smells delicious.  Bella needs walking, and I might need to watch the last episode of Downton Abbey one more time.  Have a lovely week, and stay warm!