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Knitting for Beau

  Since becoming a Grandma, I have been knitting whenever I get the chance, and when you look at the recipient, you understand why.  This guy is adorable!  But it also means lots of things for me and for others are on the back burner.  Far back.  Like, where are they, even?  But baby sweaters are faster, and they're usually fun.  This sweater, the Baby Gansey from One-skein Wonders for Babies, was delightful.  And now he can finally wear it! The bunny was fun to knit, too.  And I loved knitting the sweater for the bunny.  The sad tale here is that the dogs found the bunny a couple of weeks ago, and, well, the bunny lost its head.  The sweater is still intact, so I've started another bunny, same yarn but with a thread of mohair knitted with it, so the bunny will be fluffier.     I've been working on the new bunny this week, and I've made good progress.  One more arm, the tail and its legs, and it'll be in a box with Beau's Christmas socks and a warm hat.       On

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