Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tying one on!

I have finally faced my short warp and started tying it on.  Almost done, almost ready to finish up this project.  I got the new book, Doubleweave, by Jennifer Moore, last week, and am going to weave the sampler she has in the book.  It starts with plain double weave:  tubular, open on one side and open in the middle.  Then, it has pick up, quilted and other double weave-ly stuff.  I'm really excited to get started on it!
  At the center, I'm still working on the linen hand-manipulated lace hand towels.  I'm having some tension problems, and I don't like the way the newest pattern came out.  I drafted it myself, and it's just not making me happy.  I've decided to cut the warp, pull off the finished towels (three?  four?), and fix the tension problems.  I'll tie it back on and get going again.  That, however, will have to wait a couple of weeks.  The next two weeks, I'll be working at the farm on Tuesdays. When I get back, this warp will get my full attention.

Something that always gets my attention is dear Weftie.  I could fill this blog with pictures of him.  He loves to be UP on either large loom.  If he gets up on the Colonial while I'm working on Jenny, and if I say anything to him, he starts to purr loudly and strikes an adorable pose.
  When he was small, he loved to hide under Bella's food and water stand.  Every once in a while, he thinks it would be fun to try again.  Unfortunately, he's just a teeny bit too big.
It's a shame you can't see that 50% of him is sticking out the other side!  And, dangerously, he loves to get in the dryer when I'm emptying it.
And he looks adorable in it, of course.  


Theresa said...

That's one handsome cat and even better tie on job. I'm totally impressed.
I haven't seen the Double weave book, but will have to give it a good browse when I do.
I love the pic of Weftie under the food bowls. You're right the dryer is a terrible place for a cat to go, but he does look cute as can be. And well, a blog with lots of critter pictures is totally acceptable. ;)

LA said...

I still can't believe how big Weftie is...I always think of him being such a wee little thing! You're on the final stretch of the afghan project...the end is in sight! Yeah!

Linda said...

That is one big cat! He is so beautiful and sounds like he just likes to be near you. We have a cat that no matter where she is will come running when she hears our cars. We call her the Walmart greeter.

We will miss you the next couple of Tuesdays. Who will I say, "Good bye Maggie" too???

Bonnie said...

He is so cute. Yes, almost done on the afghan project. I am ready for more yarn. Your towels will be waiting for your return.