Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's the Peanuttiest!

And so the next adventure begins:  6,900 jars of peanut butter!  The 7,020 pounds of peanuts came in Tuesday, on four pallets, all that was in an 18-wheeler that backed up to our loading dock.  We--five of us--took them off the truck and stacked them at the back dock, then three of us moved them all inside.  Tuesday was the blustery, rainy day this week, if you'll remember, but the storm was polite enough to have a dry break right at the time of peanut delivery.
There are now peanut boxes everywhere in the larder.  Jars fill up any space peanuts aren't taking up.  Most of the jars are stored off-site, in a saddle making factory down the road.  We have to go get them, one pallet at a time.  A pallet holds about 2400 jars.  Yesterday, we made 1,032 jars of peanut butter, 189 the day before, so we are on schedule, and I'm beginning to relax a little.  My right eye's twitch has slowed down somewhat, anyway.  We stopped the pickled beets & strawberries at 2,938, with a mere 3,962.  I firmly believe we can get the peanut butter done by next Wednesday, and be back at the PB&S by the day after Thanksgiving!  WE CAN DO IT!!!  I think...  I'll let you know!
UPDATE:   1008 at 5 pm when I left today; that makes it 2229!  By now, Melanie will have finished enough to make the first shipment of 2300!


LA said...

That's a LOT of peanuts!!!! It does give you a break before you start back on the beets, though.

Maggie said...

I know! I know! And we're making the most of it, believe me! We're all having a good time, cranking out the PB!