Saturday, March 19, 2011


  Why is it that just when you think it can't get any busier, it does?
  Krissy is back, baking bread and training our new pastry cook, Sarah.  The baker who gave notice last week decided not to work out her two weeks, so Sarah is doubly welcome, but I will be baking bread for the foreseeable future on Krissy's days off.  Sorry, guests!  I'm the Dessert Goddess, not the Bread Queen.
  We have a wedding today, with a full house as well, but I decided it'd be a great weekend to change the brunch menu, and to have Suzie and Melanie have a tasting of their new desserts.  Not a great idea, and I have no pictures--Suzie promises to send some to me--but we all got through it relatively unscathed.  They have a follow-up tasting next week, and my brunch desserts go on the menu tomorrow.  I will try to remember to take photos.
  Still no time for weaving.  I hope the second baby isn't applying for colleges by the time I finish the second baby blanket.  His dad gave notice this week and will be going to another farm to be the cheese maker, but they're staying in the area, and we'll stay friends.  I walk by the loom and think I really need to finish that and something else catches my eye.
  Like socks.  I finally settled on  a pattern for the socks I keep ripping out, and even now I'm not too excited about it, but I refuse to rip out again.  It's a four-stitch cable alternating with an eyelet rib.  It's something I made up, so I can knit them without carrying around a pattern.
  I ripped out another pair of socks from a couple of years ago and started them over, this time on four needles, knitting the Lealt Socks pattern from the Vogue on the Go series.  Weftie likes it, so far, but what you can't see is Leo lurking behind the chair, trying to pull the sock off the table.

 Matt and Dana came to visit on my days off, and we ate our way around Knoxville in 24 hours.  In between meals, we walked around Ijams Nature Center on a beautiful early spring afternoon.  Matt helped me download a new "camera" onto me iphone from the Hipstamatic app, and I had to use it.  I just wish I would have remembered to use it more often!  Someday I will get a picture of Matt and Dana together!
  Time to go make the desserts!



LA said... have been busy. It's hard to get to the loom when it's so pretty outside! I'm sure the guest will love all your new pastries!

Bonnie said...

Have a great week.

Tina J said...

I know you loved seeing Matt and Dana. Keep up the good work, and maybe one day you can bring us a dessert!

Theresa said...

That eftie! What a ham. ;) Heavens you really are busy but the socks show promise. Maybe by the end of the year you can have dual titles. Dessert Goddess AND Bread Queen!