Friday, June 17, 2011

P.M. Pastry Cook Needed!

 As stated in my last post, Suzie is leaving us for the bright lights of Chicago, after spending a year here at the farm.  We will miss her horribly, but that's part of this industry.  People come and go, especially at the beginning of their careers.
  I mentioned to the staffing coordinator that a lot of people had gone to my blog by googling "Help Wanted: Baker," since my post on that subject, and she asked me to do it for this position.  Here's the low down:

 P.M. Pastry Cook position:  Culinary school diploma necessary; must work nights, weekends and holidays; responsible for preparing and plating dinner desserts, mignardises, pre-desserts and ice creams; must be able to lift 50 pounds and stand for over 8 hours per night; ability to read, follow and write recipes a must; supervised by Pastry Chef, Sous Chefs and Executive Chef; position requires occasional mornings, but is primarily evenings.
 Apply on the website if you're qualified and interested.  You'll see the kind of desserts we do here.  The P.M. pastry cook is required to develop two new desserts every six months, including recipes and plating designs.  I need to stress the fact that we are a hotel, and everyone, everyone works nights, weekends and holidays.  We never close, so it's all the best, all the time.  It's a chance to be a part of an amazing team, in an amazing place.  Blackberry Farm is a wonderful place to work.  The work is hard, the hours are long, but we are part of a team that makes people's dreams come true.  We create lifelong memories for people, by providing the best quality food possible.
  The hotel is in Walland, TN, a little tiny blip on only the most detailed map.  Most of us live in Maryville or Knoxville, and there's really only one place to work in this area, if you want to work in fine dining.  Most of us are here just to work at Blackberry Farm, and most of us come from all over the country.
Okay!  There you go, Cindy!   Everyone have a love day!

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LA said...

Good for you, Maggie!!! You are such a team player. You never know who will see this!