Thursday, March 22, 2012


This week, I skipped going to Norris to weave so I could turn the back bedroom back into a library.  When I wrote about doing it last week, Tina reminded me that this room has had many incarnations:  library, Mom's room, AVL home, office/sewing room and now back to the library.  It's just the kind of grown up room I needed!
The room has gone from chaos to sublime, the hallway from narrow and well-read to wide enough for two to walk abreast.  I can't help but wonder why the hallway is so wide, but a friend last night said, "Well, they didn't use the space for closets!" Which is oh, so true in my house!
  I can't make the video rotate, so lean your heads to the left to watch it!


Theresa said...

Oh what a peaceful relaxing space you've made. Now, you just need some time to cocoon and enjoy it.

LA said...

It looks like you spent your time wisely!!! What an inviting space to work in!

Bonnie said...

Looks so warm, cozy and inviting. Very nice.

Sharon said...

I think you used the space well. I'd certainly feel at home there. You need that after those busy days.