Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Treats

I was reminded the other day that I never post anymore, and it's true!  I barely have time to write my weekly posts on Loomy Tunes!  So I will spend some time this evening to catch up with you all.
  I found the photo of Andrew's misspelling of Sugar Tuiles.  I feel the need to develop a new weaving pattern to live up to his tape label.  It would be so appropriate!  Gotta be something twill, obviously, and needs to be sweet in some way...  I'll get back to you.

 It's been so long since I last posted, Easter's come and gone, and we in the bake shop are already commenting on how "it's almost May already!"  Krissy made these carrot cake cupcakes for Easter brunch, using sour gummy candies for the ears, jelly beans cut in half for the noses, tiny chocolate chips for the eyes and black Twizzlers for the whiskers.  Aren't they adorable?

And today, I made a shiny, gooey chocolate cake to celebrate the birthday of the woman who brought a very large, well-paying group to the farm.  She's probably had a very long, stressful week, and spent today taking a big breath.  I hope she had a good day, and likes her ganache and strawberries, just as her friends requested for her.
  Have a sweet week!  I will try to post more often!  I'm glad you noticed!


LA said...

LOVE the spelling...can't wait until you decide what will be the best twill to put with that. As for the sweets....too sweet!!!!! That cake is a work of art!

Bonnie said...

Cake looks yummie. Whzt cute cup cakes.