Saturday, June 30, 2012

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Stay in the AC

 Or, if you're a zinnia or cosmos, suck in the sunshine!  My median garden is going gangbusters right now, though I do confess that I water it about every three days.  Yesterday, it got an extra long soak, because even cheerful flowers need a break from this disgusting heat wave.
  I tell folks I'm from Arizona and this is nothing, but it's still pretty dang hot!  I decided this morning that I would be happier at home in the AC than at LouAnn's and Tina's spinning retreat, and that I would just stay inside and do all those things I hadn't been doing because the lawn needed mowing or the hedge needed trimming or things needed planting or weeds needed pulling.  Today is for none of those things!  I have soaked a couple of trees and bushes I missed yesterday, but now it's time for fun out of the sun.
  I took the Louet S-10 and a big bag of roving to LouAnn's early this morning, to pass onto any new spinner who might emerge from the the Spinning Retreat.  Who am I kidding?  I don't even have time to weave, let alone take up spinning.  And I do have lots of boxes full of lots of fun, already spun yarn.  I also have a bathroom full of rinsed dyed yarn, but that's for Wednesday's Loomy Tunes post.  No peeking early!
  The Lily of the Valley stole is coming along fine, since it's the one thing I do make time for lately when I'm inside.  I love this pattern, and could knit a couple more of these, mindlessly repeating this pattern, enjoying it all the while.  According to the pattern, I have 3 1/2 more repeats to do, but I think I want it longer than that.  I know it'll block out much larger, but I think long enough to wrap around me and hang down gracefully is what I'm going for.

 Two weeks ago, I trimmed the hedge I have left, and found a Rose of Sharon among the weed trees, poison ivy and last few remaining boxwoods.  It's in full bloom, and just gorgeous.  I cut down all the stuff around it, sprayed all the poison ivy, and am contemplating how to stake it up straight.  Right now, it still has its "Let me get to the sunshine from this hideous hedge" lean.
 I know there's a white one in the hedge somewhere, and I keep looking out for it, but the poison ivy killer is indiscriminate, and I might have already killed it.  Wouldn't a hedge of just Rose of Sharon be gorgeous?

 My Magnolia, variety Jane, bloomed very nicely in the spring, so imagine my surprise when I saw new blooms on it this week!  It's covered in buds, and the one on the right is about to burst open.

 And the Limelight Hydrangea needs to show off, too  It's just exploding with new blooms.  They get darker lime green with age, and are beautiful.
Also quite happy are the echinacea and the bees that love them.  My front yard is not quite the cottage garden I want yet, but give me a couple more years!  I'm learning more and more about gardening in east Tennessee every month, and will have things rearranged to their and my liking soon.
  The couch is calling my name!  Stay hydrated and in the AC!


LA said...

We DID miss you! And, we do have some new spinners! But, I can see that all is well with you...and that's a good thing!

Linda said...

All your flowers are beautiful! I stayed in the air conditioning, too. Just going between the house and studio is enough heat for me!

Bonnie said...

Yes, air conditioning is a good thing right now. Beautiful flowers. I can't wait to see the shawl.