Monday, September 3, 2012

A Day Free of "Need To"

More Isaac on the way
I'd like to thank Isaac for making the rain, which means mowing isn't possible.  Weeding probably is, and de-flowering the front flower bed, poor tired flower bed that it is, would be possible but unpleasant.  So, I am free to be inside, enjoy a day free of Need To, and follow my heart's desire.
Tired and weedy
  And what does it desire?  A little laundry, a little sweeping and whole lot of weaving.  As I wove on Big Bertha last week, I realized how long it has been since I last threw a shuttle and how very much I missed it.  A few times this week, as I got ready for work, or after I came home from work, I walked by Jenny and ran my hands over the huck lace in progress.
Small progress, so far
  This morning, early-early, with my coffee, I sat down to see what stopped me last time I sat before her.  There was a thread catching the weft, now pulled out of shape for having been abandoned many weeks ago.  I snipped the weft, tightened the warp, read the treadling sequence and tentatively started again.  I guessed wrong on the starting point, unwove, looked more closely and started again.
Late Cosmos
  The pattern in the lace is lovely and the treadling is simple enough to be pleasurable without being boring.  I paused to measure the windows again.  I've revised the plan from full-length curtains to two panels on the bottom half of each window.  My house sits up on a small rise, so half curtains will block my neighbors' view, as well as that of passers by, without cutting the light.  I'll have to push them out of the way to see the flowers in the front yard, but it's a small sacrifice.

Window full of Weftie
  So, four panels of 25 inches wide by 32 inches long, minus hems.  I've already woven 10 inches this morning, so I'm on my way!  I've got the loominaria windows wide open, classical music drifting through the house and lots of animals nearby.  I'll listen to rain and keep rhythm with my beater.  What a perfect day!


Roxie said...

Oh, a nice drizzly day after a drought is SO delightful! Your soul unfurls and stretches.

LA said...

You've got the perfect recipe for today! Enjoy!!!!

Sharon said...

I'd say that's my kind of day too. I love having a loom room with natural light but it doesn't come with a kitty.