Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What do You Think?

This morning, I was reading everyone else's blogs that I usually keep up with, and saw a reply to Tina's last blog entry ( from Bonnie.  She wants to part with a tapestry loom someone donated to the center.  There's no room for any more looms at the center right now, nor was there then.  I was bitten with the tapestry bug after taking Tommye Scanlin's class this fall, and have been pondering where to set up my very large Navajo loom.  It's just so big!
  So, I emailed Bonnie and asked her the dimensions of the loom, and if she really wanted to part with it.  She said yes, sent me the dimensions, and now, that's all I want to think about!  Look at it!  It's a beauty!
  But do you know what kind it is?  Does anyone have any information on this kind of tapestry loom?  It takes up about half the size of the Navajo loom, so I know it'll fit, but once I get it, will I know how to use it?
  You might just read about a new loom at Chez Davidson next week!  If you have any answers, just let me know!


LA said...

I THINK that it would give you a great chance to practice all those cool things that Tommye taught you!!!

Tina J said...

I don't remember that loom at all! It is lovely though. I bet Carol or Pat know something about it!

Linda said...

It is an interesting loom for sure.

Bonnie said...

Carol got the call about the loom and told the lady she would pass on the informationbut the center did not have room for it. I went to pick it up. Pat did not know anything about it to my knowledge. I will have to locate the rest of the information. My weaving room is a mess as Maggie can atest to and I did not have time to find the other information. Might be able to go back to 2011 and check my blogs and see if I had any info about it.
I wish you happy weaving on it, Maggie.

Fran said...

It looks a lot like my Tissart. Fran