Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Catching Up

 It's been a busy last few months here at Kittywampus Cottage.  One of the best/worst things to happen is that I lost my job at the farm.  Worst because the income has been difficult to replace.  Best because I was unhappy there and itching to move on.  I wish it had been on my terms, but it happened and I've been moving on, one step at a time.
  I've been learning new skills and making new friends, finding things out about myself that I might never have known otherwise.  My new full time job is at a place where they appreciate my baking and tell me so frequently.  My part time job is working in the garden department of a big box store, something I'd always wanted to do.  I have found out that I know much more about plants than I thought I did, and that working at a big box store is not so much fun.
Sacked out
  I've been working so much, I feel a little like Leo here, sleeping wherever we can find the time and place.  That's going to end today when I quit the garden center job.  I'm afraid of the lost income, but I need to remember what 's important in my life:  friends, family, fiber, gardening, taking care of myself so I can be around for others.
  I have a lot of irons in the fire for the future, so wish me well!  In the meantime, there's a lot to do around here.  I've got the blooming leaf scarf #2 going still, and some new knitting projects going on.  I've gotten a big donation from a friend--see today's Loomy Tunes post--that's begging for attention.  And as you can see from the rose at the top, the garden is going strong.  Peonies are popping, tomatoes are trying to set blossoms in spite of the never-ending rain and chilliness, and echinacea are threatening to take over the front flower beds.  Hollyhocks look like they might achieve their full potential this year, and the roses can't help themselves!

I see a threading error!
I wanted to post a photo of more progress on Lee's Surrender than LouAnn had yesterday, and when I did, a threading error popped out at me.  See the difference between the left and right borders?  Ugh!  Looks like I have some work to do next Tuesday before weaving on!  Good thing it's a 20-yard warp!  Oh, but the pattern is going to be so lovely, once I get it right!

And I will leave you with samples of my new baking adventure.  It's only cupcakes, but it's fun and happy and relaxing, and I get paid for it.  What more can a girl ask?


LA said...

YUM! YUM! You just HAD to end the post with tempting pictures!!! I love the picture of Leo...I think he's got it right. Naps are good!

Tina J said...

I am always amazed what I can see in a picture, of what is right in front of me! It will be lovely though!
Also, those cupcakes look wonderful!

Bonnie said...

I have been away. Sorry to hear about the farm. What fun baking cupcakes.