Tuesday, August 19, 2014

GULP Eats Brunch

pickled shrimp, corn cakes and peach chutney
 The dinner group I belong to had brunch this Sunday, on a front porch overlooking the Tennessee River.  We're all great cooks, and each course was delightful.  Brunch doesn't normally last four hours, but that's what ours did.   Even a cloudburst couldn't dampen our enthusiasm!
salad of blueberries, peaches, arugula and corn

My view down the table

Peaches were not the theme, but was certainly a common thread.  The theme was originally Faulkner and food, until we realized that Faulkner and Bourbon would be more accurate.  We gave ourselves license to use our own favorite southern writer as inspiration, and to be our reading that accompanied our course.  Faulkner, Welty, Styrone and someone whose name I didn't catch--how many glasses of champagne?--were the authors featured.
gazpacho of roasted tomatillos and tomatoes

trout and peach salad

peach trifle

Our next meeting is in the late fall, our theme being Hemingway, which started out to be just "in Spain," but is now including our own favorite locale of his stories.  I'm already thinking about  A Moveable Feast for my inspiration.
  Meanwhile, I'm weaving up a storm, and knitting some cloudbursts that I'll share next post!

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LA said...

As always, your group provided a feast for the eye....as well as the tummy!!!