Saturday, September 20, 2014

Non-Labor Day

Even bakers get a holiday in common with others sometimes, and today is one.  We had to work like the dickens yesterday, and will have more to do tomorrow, but we are closed today.  I don't have any labor at home planned, either, but I would like to weave that blue-green scarf off the loom today.
  I have the warp for the baby blankets wound and waiting, and I have a slinky black bamboo warp waiting to woven into sexiness soon.
  As summer winds down, the roses have come back from their mid-summer malaise, where it  seemed like every single one battled aphids and blight.  The David Austin rose is gorgeous right now, but can't compete for scent with the cheap, unknown Home Depot rose in the front yard!
I've finished the huck lace project on Tootsie, shown here in its last few throws.  I started on it one morning, just to get it off the loom, and it  just flew by!  Carpet warp goes much faster than bamboo!  But I don't like its drape once off the loom.  I've washed it twice, and it's still stiff.  The color's gorgeous, and the pattern is better than I expected, so I'll still be gifting it to my sister.  Just a new lesson learned!  Carpet warp has its place, but I won't be using it for scarves anymore.


LA said...
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LA said...

Blogger is acting up this morning!!! I just wanted to suggest steam pressing the 8/4.

Judy said...

I like the huck lace and how the texture/pattern is so interesting to look at.

Maggie said...

I have tried that! But maybe not enough... Will try more!