Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back at it

The border

I have finally finished threading the warp for the baby blanket, and have started weaving.  I'm not sure what the green spot is in the middle of the photo, but the border is lovely, and doesn't have anything green poured on it.  I've got 8 1/2 yards of white bamboo, 600 threads, to make 4 baby blankets, 30" x 70", and all will have that border on them.  I'm following the four-shaft directions in the beginning of Weaver's Best, Huck Lace book, and am going to have each blanket feature a different treadling in the center.
  The first blanket done will go to my co-worker who is due in less than a month.  She is still working just as hard as ever, and sometimes, we need to ask her to slow down a little, but she's getting tired at the end of the day.  Sometimes, I just want to ask her to sit down!  But she never would.
  The next three blankets will be gifts for other friends who are expecting, or want to be.  It's a fun and easy warp; I've almost finished the first one in the last two mornings.
the underside, in early morning sunlight
  A friend asked me this week how long it takes me to make something, and I've always known it would be a good idea to keep track, but It's not work.  It's my hobby, what brings me joy, and it's always time well spent.
square huck lace
  It's a beautiful fall day, and I need to get outside in it.  There's mowing, trimming, bulb planting and other yard work waiting.   And when it's done, I can come back inside and play with my yarn.

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