Sunday, August 16, 2015

Where Did it Go?

I posted a new blog entry, the first one since March, on Thursday, and it disappeared.  Vanished without a trace!  I have no idea what happened!

 I've had a busy spring and summer, full of lots of sewing and baking and running the neighborhood group.  The summer began with a prelude to my new part time job, teaching pastry and baking at Pellissippi College.  First, I taught cream puffs and eclairs, and here is photo of my happy students.  Next, I taught pies, which ran too long, and made a couple of pie-makers unhappy.  Sorry!  They still got two luscious pies to take home, even though it was a bit late.
  Classes start in two weeks, and I'm a little nervous because I've never taught in this kind of setting, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Two of my co-workers told me they were expecting girls a couple of months ago, so I got busy knitting them girly sweaters.  It was so fun!  I wanted to make another!  So, my friend Cindy obliged by asking me to make one for her new granddaugher, Lilie Rae. She got a hat as a bonus, but I might have made it a little too small.  It's been a while since I've even held an infant, and had trouble gauging the size.
  I'm over my fascination with baby sweaters, certainly with pink ones for now, but it certainly was fun!

 And then, it was my birthday.  Bella and I headed north to Richmond to spend a week with Mom and Liz.  I made my own birthday cake, a Boston Cream Pie, which exceeded my expectations.  My lovely sister gave me a chop saw for my birthday, and taught me how to use it, which was very exciting.  I still have all my fingers, for those who wonder.
Mom and I went to Mount Vernon, and had a wonderful, if somewhat warm day.  The mansion is right on the Potomac River, and the back porch was the coolest part of the place.  What a beautiful view from the porch!  I could just picture George and Martha hanging out there with a julep on a summer day.
 This is Mom's first selfie, so I wish I could have gotten more of her face in the photo.  We're there with George, getting ready for our tour of the farm.

Of course, we had to go the Spinning Room, which did have two very large spinning wheels, but we liked the loom.  There are normally demonstrators, but not when we were there.  We walked for miles, saw everything we could see, and had a lovely day.
  I'm weaving for the first time in probably 6 months, so I need to get back to it.  I hope you had a lovely summer, too!


LA said...

Somewhere out in cyberspace, your previous blog is getting lots of comments!!! But, I like this one, too. I'm so glad you had a great birthday week with your family!

Sharon said...

You've been a busy girl!! Love those baby sweaters - very girly :)

Karen Reff said...

It's good to see you back!