Thursday, December 31, 2015

Finishing on a High Note

As I lay in bed the other day, trying to rouse myself into an upright position, I reviewed the past year, and realized that 2015 has been a very good year.  One thing was missing, and that was finishing that dad-burned warp on dear Jenny.  Two years ago, it began as a baby blanket warp, I finished two of them, and decided I'd had enough, and there were no more babies forthcoming.  I rethreaded it once into a less intense Huck lace pattern, but it had 10 errors in it.  I pulled it all out again, and began an overshot pattern from Bertha Gray Hayes book on miniature overshot patterns.  Juliet 2, with a view revisions, is my new pattern, and I got up this morning determined to finish it.  

As I threaded, I kept the doors closed to the loominaria, due to the intense curiosity and determination of my new kittens, Sunny and Daisy.  Sunny likes to watch Daisy's feats of daring, and then follow, if there are no bad consequences, e.g. Mom yelling.  When Daisy got stuck in the neighboring tapestry loom's warp, Sunny came over to play with the brake handle.  Daisy was quite stuck for a few minutes, but managed to get free, and try it again.  In the interest of good warp health, I've decided to keep the room shut up, cat free for now.

My class, finals day!

One of the reasons I've posted so little this year is that I've gotten a part time job, teaching Baking Skills at the local community college.  I love teaching more than I ever thought possible, but it has taken all the rest of my time and energy.  I hope to keep up with my blog this coming year, but please bear with me!  I miss your comments and following all your blogs, and will try to keep in touch in 2016.  Happy New Year!

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LA said...

I laughed so hard when I saw the picture of Daisy in the warp!!! They do love a little adventure! I'm glad you are enjoying your teaching wonderful you can share your knowledge of pastry to others.