Thursday, February 18, 2016

Unknitting, And Other Day Off Fun

Thursdays are my only days off of the week that are free of obligation, so I kept trying to think of things I'd like to today, and came up with nothing.  I went into the Loominaria to finish threading the turned overshot curtains, and realized I had no idea where I stopped.  I didn't want to puzzle it out with a sinus headache and not enough caffeine, so I looked around to see what other mischief I could get into.
  There were UFO's everywhere, begging to be finished, but nothing sparked my interest.  Too complicated, too ugly, not wanted...
You might recall the sweater I started for Matt before Christmas.  I got about 12 inches knitted, realized I wouldn't make it in time, and knitted him a hat.  Remember he said that color was "something Grandma picked out?"  I thought about finishing it for myself, but realized I'm too chubby for it, and am not in love with it.  So, unknitted!

 A few years ago, a friend closed her local yarn store, and I picked up some undyed alpaca yarn.  I knitted a shawl with it, but it came out too small.  Unknit it!  I've recently made a hat out of the other color I bought of it, and love it, so this will probably become a hat, or fingerless mittens.

  I also unknitted a red chenille sweater that wouldn't fit and didn't have enough yarn to finish it, anyway.  That's back in the stash for future inspiration. 

 I took a little break for some granola, and the wolves closed in on me, waiting not-so-patiently for the leftover milk at the bottom of the bowl.  At one point, all four were on the table, until their leader lost her patience and put them all on the floor.

  This is a purple chenille sweater that I started last year, but made a mistake on the knitted-in hem, and didn't want to go back and fix it.  I still want a sweater from this beautiful chenille, and will make another one someday, but not now, and it's no longer taunting me from a knitting bag. 

 A pair of lace socks that I lost my place in the pattern on have been ripped out, too, leaving two pairs of small circulars free to make another pair of socks.  So, what's next?  I'm awfully tempted to start a new project.  Or should I fix the errors in Matt's new sweater?  I keep messing up the central motif, a beautiful wide double cable that is nothing but trouble.  Or at least, it isn't a t.v. watching project! 
  The sun is coming up, I'm expected at a school breakfast, and I need to plant a camellia that's been living in a pot in the kitchen for 6 months.  Have no fear, something will be in the making by the end of the day, and if it is, I'll share it next week. 



Tina J said...

Way to go Maggie! Don't you somehow feel lighter? It is all lovely yarn and it deserves a project you love!

LA said...

Leo looks so innocent in that picture....I'm sure he was being very good!!! LOL Lots of lovely yarn went through your fingers today...they all need a good home.