Tuesday, August 2, 2016


As you know, if you read Loomy Tunes, tuesdayweavers.blogspot.com/, LouAnn and I celebrate our birthdays for at least a month.  She and her sister, Joyce, came to my house last in Knoxville last week, and loaded up two looms, Tootsie and Jenny, and brought them to Brasstown.  I should be weaving by now, but I can't remember what I did with all the bits and pieces I took off to get them in the car.  I know they went into my shorts' pocket, but I don't think they were in there when I was driving.  I suspect they're in Knoxville.  Which is fine, since I'm going back there this weekend, and can get them, but I can't weave until then.
So, they sit upstairs in the studio-guest room-loft, nekkid and unused.  All I can do right now is occasionally fondle them and dream about what's to come.  I filled a large bookcase with all my cone yarns, and was surprised at how much it is, especially since it's minus the carpet warp, that is still in Knoxville.
  I have two warps vying for attention to be the next on Jenny.  I think I'm going with the purple-green, because the orange one is probably too wide for Jenny.  I dyed it to go on Jennifer, who is still in Knoxville.  

 I haven't been doing other crafts, except knitting an occasional round on the socks.  I had another person quit last week, and have been cooking a lot more than I'm supposed to, according to my job description.  We have someone trying out today, and our fingers are crossed that he is good.  
  All around the Folk School is lovely right now, though a bit hot.  Last Friday, I took a break after lunch and went to the Cooking School herb garden.  Isn't it lovely?  And in the shade, it wasn't as hot as the kitchen had been.  
  It was the first birthday in many years that I didn't go to Richmond to be lauded and honored on the actual day, so I tried to make it special on my own.  I drove to Blairsville, GA, because I read they were having a Green Bean Festival.  Well that sounded like fun!  It's not far, and it was easy to find.  But it was just the weekly farmers' market, and they were selling t-shirts, which I totally meant to buy one of, but forgot.  I was on hand to see the kazoo parade, and that's probably why I forgot about the t-shirt!
 Yes, that's a large green bean she is holding!  The funny part is that there were only two stands in the entire market selling green beans!  In my garden, the season is past, but in the mountains, it's still cool enough.  
  After the festival, I went to Blue Ridge, GA, and I suppose I should have taken pictures of it.  It's certainly picturesque enough, but just imagine any other tourist-y town with turn of the century buildings turned into t-shirt shops and "upscale" women's clothing and trendy restaurants, and you've got your own picture.  It wasn't special, judged on those terms.  But it was a pretty drive, and I had a good burger.

That night, Bella wanted out at 1:04 am, and when she went out, so did Leo.  I've been really careful to not let him out during the night, because this place is the WILDERNESS!   It's no place for 15-year-old orange tabbies!  But out he ran, and I couldn't catch him.  I yelled an impolite warning to him, and went back to bed, thinking he'd be out on the deck when I woke back up. 
  Well, he wasn't, and I couldn't find him, and he didn't answer my calls.  I went to breakfast and to Home Depot, and he still wasn't on the deck, waiting for me.  Every few minutes, I looked outside, called, walked up the road calling.  At about 6:00 that evening, I swear I heard him screaming, just twice and not far away.  I ran into the woods, hollering his name, but got stuck on an evil vine over and over again.  This vine in leafless and covered in thorns and kept ripping my flesh.  I stood very still and tried to hear Leo again, but he didn't cry again.  I could only picture him in his death throes out in the woods, alone, and I realized then how much these furry guys mean to me.  Of course, I love them and take care of them, but Leo has been with me since he was 5 weeks old, and imagining life without him was tearing me up.
  I slept restlessly that night, getting up every so often to check the deck and holler for him, but not answer.  At about 7:30 yesterday morning, Bella and I went for our walk, and not 25 yards up the road, sat a sad orange tabby, staring at us, about 10 feet from the road.  I screamed, scared him and off he ran!  But he's old, and I caught him.  He struggled to get out of my arms, probably because I might have been gripping him a little too strongly.
  When we got to the house, he ate an entire bowl of food, drank like a parched sailor and then collapsed on the floor.  He just had the strength to reach and touch my shoe.  24 hours later, he's still pretty tired and isn't up to jumping up onto anything.  I'd love to know what adventures he's had!  But he isn't talking.  He's already eyeing the door, but he isn't getting out any time soon!


Anonymous said...

So glad that Leo has been found and is recovering from his adventures.

LA said...

I was so worried when I saw your post about Leo. In the years that I have known you, Leo has always been there. And, the woods can be scary at night!!!! I'm glad he's home safely, and I don't think he's allowed out again....EVER!!!!!