Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snow Big Deal

ON my first day off since Christmas, I plan on spending the entire day in my studio, except when I need sustenance or more coffee.  Excuse me a second.  More coffee. And a biscotti that my friend David sent me for Christmas so the extra caffeine doesn't make me spin out of control.
  Most of the time, when I post pictures here, I've tidied things up.  Who wants their readers to think they're slobs?  But the truth is for me, and probably for you, that the studio is usually the eye of the storm of creativity.  It's a mess.  And this studio in this house is combining what was two studios in Knoxville.  It's a mess.  There's even a big pile of hair on the floor.  Oh, wait...that's Bella.

 Before Christmas, I was barreling through the purple and green warp, then realized I needed to make purses for Mom and Liz for gifts.  Needed, maybe not, but wanted to, for sure.  The bed is my cutting table.  And yesterday, I really felt the need to cut out a couple of purses for me, because once I'd finished their purses, I really wanted a couple for myself.  I thought I'd taken pictures of the purses, but I can't find them.  They're pretty cool, kind of a mix of Ralph Lauren and Sundance Catalog.  I'll post photos of mine when I finish them.

 Since Mom gave me all her yarn, there are boxes and baskets of yarn everywhere.  I can't show you the closet.  It's a mess.  When I get tired of looking at a certain box, it gets thrown in the closet.  And I've stopped unpacking stuff because I don't like this house, and friends are trying to find a new place for me to rent, come May.  Why unpack if I just have to pack back up?
  So I work among squalor, but it only bothers me between projects!   Or I go downstairs and knit, binge watching Grey's Anatomy or The Good Wife.  I've been knitting a lot, mostly Christmas gifts, and now, a shawl for me and a sweater for Matt.  It's nice to knit without the pressure of gift-giving, but I'm ready to weave.

So, with that in mind yesterday, I went upstairs to put the LeClerc Colonial back together.  The movers took it apart, and didn't put it back together.  There is one key piece missing, the rod that the treadle springs slide onto.  I've looked everywhere, and I think they must have just left it in the truck, thinking it was trash.  Once the sun is up and the ice melts on the pavement, I can head out to Lowe's and get a new one, along with a snow shovel.
  We got four inches of snow Friday night, which is why I didn't have all of Saturday off.  I had to come in at 3:00 and make 12 people dinner.  They hadn't been able to leave the school because of the snow, or more likely didn't want to, because 40 of their fellow students made it out just fine!  Turns out, it was all instructors and work-studies who took advantage of the offer made to theoretically snow bound students.  But they were very nice, and enjoyed the meal.  And I got a fresh meal out of it, as well.
  The sun is just starting to light up the sky.  I'll check one more time around the loft for the missing rod, then wind a warp until I can head out on the highway.  I hope this new year is full of everything we need, and lots of stuff we want.  Happy new year!

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LA said...

I've got my fingers crossed that you'll find just the right place for you, your fur babies and your stash (which includes looms!!!)