Sunday, March 4, 2018

Oh, Baby!

It's been a rough month at the folk school, what with two people quitting way back in November and not being replaced yet.  I've worked a lot of 12 hour days, and not too many days off, but I have managed to work on the upcoming baby's things.  My sous chef is 7 1/2 months pregnant now, and I need to get these things done!  The sweater just needs to be sewn down on the button bands, and buttons must be found.  The baby wrap is going slower, because most days, I just don't feel like weaving!  This morning, I wove 5 bobbins' worth of thread before one of the tie ups slipped off (does that ever happen to anyone else?) and I gave up for the morning.  I still need to work tonight, and I'm hoping that the person I hired on Wednesday and who called off on Thursday--her first day!-- doesn't call off again.
  But progress is being made, and I feel optimistic about finishing in time!  

The only other thing I've felt like working on is the Fair Isle design, which you will notice has the exact same colors as the baby wrap.  I am consistent, if nothing else!  I do love this sweater, but it definitely not a t.v. watching project.  I have also finished a pair of fingerless mitts, but they aren't very photogenic yet.  Bear with me.  They will be done just in time for Spring!  I drove to Franklin last day off to get knitting needles, and ended up buying $70 of yarn, even though I have resolved that this year will be nothing but finishing.  Oh, but it's a lovely ball of alpaca!  And it will make a beautiful shawl!  As soon as I finish ten other projects... And train Purl to stop sharpening her claws on looms...


LA said...

Just like a train wreck...I just kept watching the video going "No, Purl!" Squirt guns???? Ah, heck....a cat has to do what a cat has to do! More yarn??? Oh, YES!

Nancy said...

Hope your new worker works out! The baby sweater is adorable, and the baby wrap is lovely. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

However, the video.... That is why the warp on Reggie, my rigid heddle Flip loom on a stand, is WRAPPED with a sheet. My husband didn't understand the wrapping vs draping part until he caught one of our cats in action when he had draped it. Hopefully yours hasn't broken too many warp threads!