Good Weaving Weather

 Is it fall yet where you are?  I keep reading on social media about people enjoying the new crispness in the air, and I'm envious.  It'll be in the 90's this week, though today is nice and cool and cloudy.  The heat has driven me into the studio, so I don't regret it, really.  


I've been plugging along with the bamboo warp, and
 enjoying the pattern.  I've beaded the hemstitching with some large seafoam green Czech beads.  It's my thing.  I love a little bling, but I also like the weight the beads give to the end of scarves.  

I had a slight problem at about the first 20 inches when one of the threads in the center broke.  It was one of my "walk away and close the door" moments.  The next day, I pulled out the stash of extra warp I had and repaired it.  This morning, two repeats of the pattern got the whole thing woven in, and I can't really see it.  

The natural and olive towels are coming along, and I'm really enjoying the direct treadling.  I listen to weaving podcasts and walk down the treadles every afternoon.

The zinnias are going bonkers and the cosmos are sprouting out from their own seeds.  I spent some time in the flower beds dead-heading, and I planted a new Joe Pye weed.  I don't want to hurry fall, not really.  


LA said…
Yes, you do love a little bling! That looks very nice, indeed. It's not cooling off around here just yet....summer is still here!

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