Friday, March 19, 2010

Lemony almost spring day

Yesterday, I forgot my camera, but it wouldn't have mattered because all I did was make Grain & Nut cereal.  I made one batch and promptly received three emails, buying more than I had made.  So, I made another batch.  Yesterday was boring!  To the left is the cereal.  It's yummy, full of nuts and not much grain, and way too much sugar to be healthy, but it takes so long to chew, people think it's good for them.
Today was more colorful, although it pretty much just stuck to one color.  I washed a case and a half of lemons, and peeled their zest off. I cubed the zest and blanched it three times.  I put the peeled lemons away to finish Sunday.  I had already started the other case and a half Monday, and 

needed to "supreme" the peeled lemons. "Supreme" is a culinary term meaning to cut the meat out of the segments with no membrane attached.  I kept the membrane and weighed them, and weighed the segments, added that together and added half that weight of sugar and all the weight of water.  I put the membranes in a cheesecloth bag and brought the whole shebang to a full, rolling boil.  See the kettle behind the finished product?  That's my good friend, Steam Kettle.  It rarely lets me burn things.  
Here, to the right, is the first day's cooking, done.  The paper on the table is to cover the top, so everything stays moist.  I'll put a lid on it, label and date it and put it in the fridge.  On Sunday, I'll bring it to a boil again and put it back in the fridge.  On Monday, it'll cook to a lovely gelatinous Marmalade.

But today wasn't all marmalade-y and sunshine!  I got in the final color of yarn for my kitchen curtains, the yellow.  It's a bit more...YELLOW than I thought it would be.  It'd be great if I was making taxi cab curtains.  Instead, they're supposed to look like pansies.  I'm hoping the white will calm that yellow down.  Hmmmm...that yellow reminds me of...lemons!

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LA said...

Lemons have the most heavenly smell, don't you think? I can only imagine that your kitchen at work reflected the sunshine outside the windows. Maybe after tomorrow, I can get back to my looms.........