Monday, May 31, 2010

My free Monday

Today was my first Monday off in a long time.  I changed my days off starting this week, and today I had no obligations and nothing to do that I didn't want to do.  It was fabulous!
  What I did want to do today was finish Bonnie's color on the Clinch Valley afghan, and start Pat's color.  Pictured above is the start.  Since then, I've finished the first rectangle and started the second.  I've broken another thread, smack dab in the middle of the break between Bonnie's two rectangles.  There is another weak thread in Pat's, but it hasn't snapped yet.  Flake on flake is a bad idea.  I hope I can get through this project without anymore broken threads!  The pattern doesn't show up as well with Pat's pink as it does on Bonnie's pretty dark red, but it is showing up, quite subtly.
  I also felt like major spring cleaning, and while I didn't accomplish all I set out to do, I came close.  No photos, because the before pictures would be too embarrassing!  I love a clean house, but I hate having to get it that way!
  Miss Etta has become much more sociable, but every time I tried to get a picture of her mingling with the other pets, she took off before I could get the camera.  I will try again tomorrow.
Until then, happy weaving!


LA said...

Spring cleaning, huh? I just move looms works for me!

Theresa said...

Ah yes, spring cleaning, the house feels so nice afterwards, and you do too. Kind of like giving yourself permission to have boatloads of fun to mess it up again!

Valerie said...

Your afghan project is intriguing, esp. after the most recent issue of Handwoven arrived last week.

Spring Cleaning..I keep trying flylady, except the house is never all clean at one time. But I suppose I am past having the energy to get it clean all at one time. This aging thing is sure inconvenient.