Sunday, July 25, 2010

Okra Update and Injury

  This past week in the Preservation Kitchen has been a busy one.  We've got 1178 jars of pickled okra, but have also been making a lot of blueberry jam, over 200 jars.  We still have 5426 jars of okra to go, a daunting number, and one I'm going to have to report to Chef Feathers.  I just don't think we're going to be able to finish by ourselves before okra is out of season, especially with this relentless heat.  We'll have to get the pickling/jamming company we've been talking with to take it over, or I fear mutiny.  Abby and Dustin are as tired of okra as I am, and my thumb is twice its normal size, due to my okra stuffing technique.   Abby's breaking out in a rash and has had to start wearing gloves to handle the prickly, slimy stuff.

Thumb, shown actual size and color:  Ouch 
  My thumb is so sore, I couldn't start in on my stack of white blouses.  Normally, I walk Bella two miles in the morning, after coffee and before my shower.  Today, it's 83, with a zillion percent humidity.  There is no way I'm walking in that, though that's a little difficult to explain to Bella.  So, I thought I'd sew a little before work.  I couldn't even push a pin into interfacing!  
White blouses waiting
  Today, I'm getting at least 30 gallons of blueberries delivered, and washing and labeling the 222 jars of okra we pickled yesterday.  Blackberries are almost done, due to the heat, but I have about 50 pounds of them ready to go today, as well.  So, full day, even without okra stuffing!
  Stay cool, drink lots of liquids and hope for rain!


LA said...

Yes....there might be a mutiny in your kitchen. Can you apply for disability for "okra injuries"???

Tina said...

Your poor thumb!

plantfreek1 said...

oh maggie maggie maggie what I wouldn't give to live within a stone's throw or even a 3 hour drive from you guys! You cook, can, and talk like a bonafide soul sister-)I'd give anything to have your okra problem-we've had too many days over 95 w/horrid humidity and I'm not going to be able to fulfill my dear husband's annual pickled okra quota to get him thru the winter.How many acres of okra do you grow-and I assume it's some kind of commercial operation? Do you ever sell excess crop? We grow our own fruits, veg gies and herbs here in Southern Indiana. I'm diligently trying to teach myself to knit-I"m lefthanded and can't find anyone to help teach me-( If you ever have any free time give me a hollar at Would love to converse, swap recipes, or just yak if ever you have any free time whatsoever! Take care of yourself & your poor poor thumb!