Monday, July 12, 2010

SOMEONE wove it!

I haven't been weaving at home this week.  I've been waiting for the last yarn for the Clinch Valley afghan, which I should get tomorrow, and I can't wind Jennifer's warp by myself.  So, I've been sewing!  Today was the perfect day to stay in the sewing room, while the rain fell and my furry entourage hovered nearby.

First, I finished the latest peasant blouse, one I've been working on in short bursts all week.
I love it!  I made a skirt from this fabric five or so years ago, and had a lot of scraps left, enough to make this blouse.  The pattern is the same peasant blouse I've been making lately, shortened.  Then, I dug out a blouse I started a few years ago and set aside because I'd gained too much weight to wear it.
It fits now--thanks, Bella!--and it looks much cuter on than it does in this picture.  
The next one was disappointing.  Mom gave me a linen dress she'd cut out, a long dress with pin tucks in the bodice and a tie at the back.  I didn't like it and didn't want it as a dress, but the fabric is gorgeous, sort of shiny, peach linen.  I cut off the bodice to make into a blouse, and used the leftover from the skirt to cut out another blouse.  This is the bodice, and it just looks awful on me!  It's much prettier on the hanger!  I've just started on the other blouse, a pattern I know it will look good in, having made it three times previously.  This blouse will probably have to go to Goodwill, because there's no sense in putting it in the closet!
I wanted to take pictures at work, because we've been so incredibly busy with all the summer fruit and vegetables, but I realized I've posted similar photos before, and just because I get excited every morning when I see the beautiful colors, it doesn't necessarily follow that you will!  This week, we made more white nectarine preserves, more blueberry jam, more wild blackberry preserves and lots of bread and butter pickles.  They're all so beautiful, and they all smell so good!  Trust me on this!


LA said...

Sewing is a wonderful thing to do on a rainy day! Maybe when I get done with the afghan project....

Sharon said...

It's my ambition to one day sew with handwoven fabric - someday. Thanks for stopping by my blog!