Monday, September 13, 2010

A Lovely Day Off

  Yesterday, I had a pleasant day off:  big fat breakfast with blueberry pancakes, laundry-laundry-laundry (I love the smell), the fair with Mom, dinner at Chandler's, two movies with a cold beer.  It was good.
  Today, well, I confess that today was better!  I finished winding the warp for my double weave project.  Finished the laundry.  Dusted and swept--I wrote vacuumed, but can't lie, didn't vacuum--and tidied.  I cleaned the porch for the first time in months, and spent an hour sitting on it talking to my dear son on the phone.  Such a lovely day!
  Then I took a delicious nap and woke up wanting cookies!  So I made some peanut butter-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies.
I wish you could smell my house!  The windows are all open and the cookies are mighty odiferous!  The afternoon light is filtered in the old wavy glass windows in the living room and kitchen and it's a perfect afternoon.  Bella and I will go for a leisurely walk when the cookies are done.  Then I'll come back and eat one more cookie, with some Cruze Farm chocolate milk.  Mmmmmm...


LA said...

Yum! Home baked cookies!!!

Theresa said...

It all sounds danged perfect to me. Oh, I wish I could smell those cookies though.