Friday, September 17, 2010

Order Out of Chaos

  During my life with okra, I ignored most fiber arts, as well as my fiber friends.  I wondered if I would make it through, with my assistant leaving, okra threatening to run out, sore thumbs and complete exhaustion when at home.
  But, as previously reported here and elsewhere, there was light at the end of the Okra Tunnel!  I have a rare Friday off, and have taken the opportunity of no other obligations to finally face the mess that is my turned overshot warp.  I realized one sleepless night a few weeks ago that I wasn't making headway with it because I kept running at it head first, all at once.  I figured out that it needed to be looked at in small chunks, so today, that's what I've done.
I pulled sections of the white cotton gently away from each other and put them through the shafts.  I sat down with my plan, three months old and somewhat senseless to me now, and figured out what it all meant.  I separated the sections of color from each other, pulled the lease sticks for the white forward and took the beater apart to be able to sit in the front and thread the heddles.  I had to put 100 more heddles on shafts 2 & 3, because the tabby will be on those two shafts.

  Then, I started threading.  I've gotten the two inch hem through, and the first section of green, but must stop for now, due to the weird angle I need to sit in to reach the heddles.  The treadles are in my way, and I haven't figured out how to move them to avoid sitting on the chair "side saddle."  Maybe that will come to me in the wee hours, too.  Much inspiration finds me then.
  Leo has the right idea for the early afternoon, though.  He's found a sunlit spot and is going to snooze, my favorite day-off pastime.  Napping, piano practicing, three chick flicks from Netflix...  it's going to be a good Friday!


Tina J said...

Good for you Maggie, sometimes we just have to take it a section at a time! A nap is a great thing too, in my jet lagged condition.

LA said...

I know that you'll have the turned overshot licked soon! And, it will look sooooo good!

Theresa said...

Wow, you did a great taming job! I've got a puppy who needs some work...:)
Hope the day was just perfect and the movies satisfying.

Sharon said...

I'm happy to see that someone besides me has a jack loom. I'm beginning to feel outmoded, and yeah - I've done that twisted thing. I will be so happy when I know what I've done wrong so I don't do it anymore.