Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Fall Festival Weaving

On Loomy Tunes,, LouAnn posted about teaching straw weaving at the Foothills Fall Festival in Maryville.  We tag-teamed with her, Joyce and Joyce.  Marta's sister in law, Cathy, and her mother in law whose name I promptly forgot helped Marta and I teach everyone we could coerce into learning the magical art of straw weaving.  Who can resist the fun of making fabric from drinking straws and yarn?
I've tried three times to turn this photo upright and can't, but you can clearly see this woman thoroughly enjoyed learning to weave.  Sunday, we will be replaced by knitters, and she promised to come back and learn to knit next.

 The look of concentration on this girl's face was enough to show that we have a new weaver among us.
And this girl kept weaving, no matter what her family wanted to do.  They finally convinced her to leave, but not until we told her she could take her weaving with her.
  We had a great day, in the perfect sunshine, teaching new weavers how exciting it is to make fabric.  There were men and boys weaving, too, but I forgot I had a camera with me until they were gone.  One man, a fourth grade teacher, learned just so he could teach his class to do it.
  We all had a fine afternoon and I'm looking forward to the next time we can do it again!


LA said...

It looks like you had a bunch more people after we left! And, a big thanks to Marta and her family for pitching in to help! It's so exciting to see people fall in love with weaving!

Sharon said...

It's always wonderful to find a way to enthuse potential young weavers - not easy, when you consider their options for looms. Good job!