Monday, October 25, 2010

What is Up

 Have I mentioned that I love fall in east Tennessee?  It's a fact.  The view above is slightly downhill from my kitchen at work.  The view to the right is in front of my kitchen, these beautiful trees lining a walk to the garden.
And here is what was going on this week IN the kitchen.  I started the pickled beets and strawberries, mostly just to test the recipe, after not making it for over a year.  And I made over 300 jars of blackberry jam.  I  know you've seen photos very similar to this before, but it always makes me happy to see miles and miles of jars, ready to be washed, labeled and put away.
 And this is what my backyard looks like, a week after spraying the future flower and vegetable gardens with Round Up.  The black walnut tree has lost all its leaves now.  It's never a photogenic tree, but even fall doesn't improve it.  Every time I suggest to anyone that I'd like to get rid of it, their faces always register shock, so even though I don't like it, it will stay.  It's too far from the house to cause any damage if it falls over, so it'll stay, dropping its nasty nuts all over the place, its paltry shade scattering over the drive.  The best thing about that tree is its wreath of day lilies which bloomed their hearts out this summer.
  Next week, I can scalp the Round Upped areas and till them under.  By then, my new peonies should have arrived, and I'll also be on the prowl for some crepe myrtles.  The veggie garden will get seeded with rye and crimson clover for its winter cover crops.
  The chili's almost ready!  Just what I was craving on this cool, rainy day.


LA said...

You've been very busy! It does look beautiful up at the farm, and East Tennessee is a wonderful place to be in the Fall!

Tina J said...

Oh, go ahead and get rid of the tree if you hate it! Life is too short to fool around with a tree that is in your way.