Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Loomy Tunes Wednesday

 Today is the day I normally write on Loomy Tunes, but as many of you know, Blogger isn't cooperating, and hasn't really been behaving itself for the last week.  Desperate to post, I've decided to post here, and hope to get your attention on Loomy Tunes!
  Yesterday was my first Tuesday weaving in a very long time.  Check out Loomy Tunes for the goings on posted by LouAnn.  But here is my view of what happened.  I threaded the 8 shaft Mountain table loom, such a lovely piece of furniture!  I got everything ready, after a big hiccup threading, even wound my shuttles, but the clock struck almost 2, and normally, by that time of the afternoon, I need a cup of tea or a nap, so I quit.  I went home and had both tea and nap, but not simultaneously!
  I've enjoyed the last three days off, but it's time to head back to work tomorrow, shag rug not completed.  My dear son turned 35--gasp!--today, but did so without gifts from his loving parent.  Can you see the anchor I'm weaving in the shag?  Their downstairs bathroom is nautical themed, so I'm weaving it in teal, sea green and beach sand colors (see, Linda?  no food names!), with an anchor as the center.  It'll probably be another week or so before it's done.  This weekend is busy, busy, with the Second Annual International Biscuit Festival in downtown Knoxville--we're serving brunch--and a wedding at the farm, plus the annual ice cream social that always threatens to push me over the edge.  What fun!  So, no weaving.
  And while we've been pummeled by storms lately, like most of the rest of the country, we've been fairly lucky.  Unfortunately, my son's yard was hit yesterday, when a small tornado touched down in east Nashville at 3 in the morning.  This tree crushed their garden, a labor of love for the past five years.
  Many of their friends are still without power, but they are all safe and sound.  I hope you're all safe and sound, too, and hope the storms tomorrow are much less severe for everyone!
Happy Weaving!--Maggie


Bonnie said...

That is such a cute little loom. Can't wait to see the finished rug. It is looking great.

LA said...

I am so thankful your son is safe...his rug will be finished soon enough!!! You've got a busy schedule ahead of you.

Linda said...

I love it when you think of colors in terms of food! The rug looks great!

Tina J said...

I hope we get to see the rug before it goes to Nashville.

Roxie said...

The rug looks awesome. Hopr the social goes better than you could wish. Do people get to help churn their own ice cream? That always makes it taste better!

Sharon said...

Well I didn't know you had an alternate ego. Hmmm. You all have had terrifying weather this year. I'm sticking to earthquake country. It's much more predictable.