Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Week

 Another busy week on the farm, with three blissful days off in front of me!  Thursday was the first day of the Hospice du Rhone, with guest Chef Andre Jaeger of the Hotel Fischerzunft in Switzerland.  He brought descriptions of the desserts he wanted me to make, but no recipes, so I wandered through the valley of the unknown dessert, making a trio of chocolate pastries for him.  It was... interesting.  I took no pictures, because I always have time for other courses, but during my own, I'm too busy.  Here are the plates for his fish course lined up, decorated with Oak Leaf Hydrangeas.  The fish was cooked in foil pouches and opened at the last possible second.
  Suzie made 70 chocolate pieces, decorated in spices Chef Jaeger brought, for the lobster dish.  I got a photo, just before they started piling things on top of the plaque to obscure her three hours of hard work.  She was slightly disgruntled, but I was told the chocolate was noticeable in the taste, at least.
  Yesterday was the Maryville Farmers' Market, and Krissy was up all night baking for it.  Her bread is always the hit of the market every Saturday, with folks lining up an hour ahead of time.  I just had to share the photos I took of her product before Jeff took it to market.

And Krissy herself, making doughnuts.  The unglazed ones on the back of the left hand sheet tray were for us.  We eat far too much sugar, just tasting what we make, so when we don't have to eat sweets, we take advantage.
  That said, we did all manage a bite of the gorgeous Banana Pudding Cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and brown butter caramel the Sarah made for the group's lunch yesterday.  I leave with that parting shot.  Please do not drool on your computers!


LA said...

My computer gets a wee bit disgruntled when I drool....imagine that! But, it all looks so amazing, and you are meeting lots of fancy chefs!!!!

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Sharon said...

During the years that I was a runner I was crazy for donuts, but without that level of exercise, my body stopped wanting sweets. I have loved bread since the day I was born and any one of those loaves could come home with me!