Monday, November 21, 2011

Ladies, Hang on to Your Men!

Especially around the holidays.  It took two men to load this tree into my car, so why did I think I'd be able to get it from the car, through the back yard and into the front room by myself?  Because.  It's what I do.  When I want something done, I do it, or it doesn't get done.  So, when I hear my friends complain about their husbands, I listen, but all the while, I'm thinking:  Hang on to him.  He can carry stuff, open stuff, undo stuff you can't undo.  My friends know my horrendously bad taste in men, and I don't deny there are many, many reasons I'm single.  And most of the time, I prefer it that way.  My cats don't cheat or lie.  Neither does Bella.  And I'm grateful for that.  I just wish they could do a little heavy lifting once in a while.
  But the tree made the trip across the yard and through the house with very little damage to the floors or my back.  I will hang the lights on the porch this afternoon, haul the decorations up the basement stairs and light the tree tonight.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow for Mom and me, and I will have a merry holiday.  But who's going to get this tree out in January?  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Roxie said...

What a pretty tree! They are a lot less heavy if you don't drag all that dirt and the big terra-cotta pot along with them, though.


(FYI, every time someone puts their lights up before Thanksgiving, and elf drowns a baby reindeer.)

LA said...

You are WOMAN, I hear you roar!!!! (and tug trees into place!) Ah, Maggie...we do just fine.

Theresa said...

Of course, you have to chase after said husband that has gone temporarily deaf. I usually end up doing all that lifting and furniture moving and stuff myself anyway...hmmm why do I keep Gene around I wonder
sometimes. Of course he is good at barn building and tractor tire fixing and errand running. ;)
That's a grand little tree. Very funny Roxie!

Sharon said...

It's a pretty little tree. Bravo that you still have Christmas - so many single women don't. Have you decided where you're going to plant it after Christmas.

Maggie said...

Roxie, I helped drown the baby reindeer, and I'm slightly sorry, but if I don't get the lights and the tree up now, it won't happen until January, and then what's the point?

Sharon, yes! I love, love, love Christmas and Thanksgiving and Birthdays! I will plant it in the back yard in January, where once stood another tree that sadly fell on the house 7 years before I owned it.