Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is a Day Off?

It all began early this morning.  Weftie was snug as a ... cat in a rug while I made coffee.  A couple of cups later, everyone fed their kibble, I took off on errands.

 I found a composter at Home Depot called the eComposter.  Makes it sound as if it should work on line, doesn't it?  But it's just a big, cheap plastic box with a couple of doors, one for in and one for out.  I put it together and lined it with old newspaper.  The ugly frost-bitten garden needs to be chopped up and put in it next.

But first, I wanted to plant the tulips, daffodils and grape hyacinths I bought earlier this fall.  I dug up the strip between the sidewalk and the street, planted them all, then laid mulch on top.  This time, I remembered to lay a stepping stone from the street to the sidewalk, so guests won't have to walk through the flowers.  The recycling bin will sit on it overnight, since tomorrow is recycling day.  And the leaves will be vacuumed up any day now, according to the news.
  The postal carrier brought my mail to me as I raked the mulch, and now it's time for a cup of tea and my mail.
And maybe a little nap...


LA said... Halcyon wish book came today, too!!! I'm glad you got your bulbs put in the ground!

Roxie said...

Planting spring bulbs is such an act of hope and faith. I just love it. affirm that will survive the winter and enjoy the subsequent spring.

Weftie is a sweetie pie!

Tina J said...

Sounds like a wonderful day off! You will be tickled next spring when they poke their little heads out of the ground!