Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fringe Benefits

Today, it was back to work for me after two rather productive days, but since there were only 21 people for dinner tonight, my day could have been quite unproductive.  Instead, tired of my current menu, I came up with a new dessert, A Night at the Pub.  Most people would call it an Irish Car Bomb, but I hate the connotations of that.  This is chocolate stout cake, Bailey's ice cream, Guinness chocolate sauce, with some meringue pretzels and beer nuts.  Yummy, salty, sweet, crunchy, creamy.  I like it a lot.  Quite different from what was going on last week in the bake shop, with Chef Francois Payard.
  His dessert was a brown butter roasted pear on almond gateau with caramelized puff pastry, brown butter vanilla sauce and brown butter ice cream.  It was delicious and beautiful, and he was fun to work with.  He likes to work very fast, and I was nervous most of the time, but I enjoyed it.  And he asked Sam to send me to New York to spend two or three days working in his bakery.  I'll figure out a time to go in January when I'm on my vacation.  He says most of his macaroons and chocolates are made in a factory now, by 60 employees, which isn't something I ever want to do, but I'd be interested in seeing it in action.  And I love New York, so I will go and make sure I have time for art museums and fabric stores.  There are a couple of restaurants I'd like to check out, like Milk Bar by David Chang and Eleven Madison Park, mostly because of the beautiful new cookbook just out this month.
  Last night, I twisted the night away, beading the fringe on the grey tencel scarf.  I put big crystal beads on the ends, and have some beautiful purple, blue and pink beads to go between.  Pictures of that when I'm done, before it goes in the box to San Francisco!
  But now, it's time for bed.  Busy day tomorrow, and the weekend ahead.  Rainy, warm crazy weather and can you believe it's almost Christmas?


LA said...

I can't wait to see the finished fringe with all the bling! I know your gift will be a hit. LOVE the new dessert!!!!

Tina J said...

I am glad you had those two marvelous days off! That new dessert sound yummy! You have so many creative outlets! And, I too would like to see the scarf in person.

Theresa said...

Oh Maggie, you lucky dog heading off to NYC. Enjoy it all. I'm trying to convince my Mom to go with me for a side trip to NYC, maybe take in a show and do some shopping while I visit MA.
The scarf is lovely BTW, but the pink I think is my favorite.
You mentioned a new cookbook that came out. I'm wondering if you have a short list of must haves. I'm always on the lookout for good inspiring and approachable cookbooks.

Roxie said...

What do you mean it's almost Christmas? I don't know why you say things like that. I'm not ready,I'm not in the spirit and just look at the calendar - oh. - - oh, holy crow, it's almost Christmas!!

Have a ballin NY. Lots of photos,please!

Sharon said...

That scarf is fabulous. The drape and sheen are clear in the photo. I can only imagine what it's going to look like on the lucky recipient.