Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

 I wonder how many blog entries are titled "Merry Christmas!" today?
  Well, my writing may not be original, but our desserts last night were, at least.  The cookie Santa letters were for "Santa's Snacks," with two warm chocolate chip cookies, two cubes of carrot cake for the reindeer, a mug of Cruze Farm milk and the cookie letter.
  There was a Buche de Noel of chocolate and mocha, with meringue mushrooms and cocoa nib "dirt."  We had a hot fudge sundae and Liz's first BBF dessert, Angel Food, which was angel food cake, candied cranberries, cranberry gelee and white chocolate ice cream.  She made little dark angels of chocolate to perch on top of the cake.
  Tonight, the menu is set, meaning there is one menu, no choices, and we're doing a sampler dessert.  I made fruit cake last week with Jack Daniels' soaked fruit and candied citrus zest, and have been soaking it in vanilla-infused Jack Daniels' all week.  Should be good and pungent by now!  I'll team that with eggnog flan and gingerbread cookies, as well as something chocolate which I have forgotten already!  I have it on the prep sheet, though, so it will get made today.
  But first, Bella and I are going to Mom's to open gifts, with the phone on speaker for a simul-open with my sister in Virginia.  You know, where we open our gifts to each other and oooh and aaah via telephone!

Oh, yeah!  The chocolate dessert is Macaroons!  with a cup of cocoa!  Have a wonderful day!


Theresa said...

And Merry to you! May the guests at work be a small and very appreciative crowd. It all sounds and looks delicious!

LA said...

Merry Christmas, Maggie!!! What a tasty treat for the folks at the Farm! Enjoy your day!

Roxie said...

Do you get a day off somewhere here? May your Christmas be fuss-free and joyful! I love the present-opening via speaker phone! You are so clever!

And I gain weight just thinking about your deserts!

Sharon said...

I wish I could have had your fruitcake. My grandmother made it for our family and I have wonderful memories of enjoying it with my father over coffee. We had some in SoCal and it was a miserable healthy rendition. No wonder people make fun of fruitcake. I'm late for Christmas but Happy New Year!