Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day Four of the Woolympics

 Yesterday, I took a brief respite from the hard work of the Woolympics, not only because it was my birthday, but because I suffered a major setback.  Now, we see that all the time, athletes "baubling" landings, tripping over an imaginary stone on the track, letting that unknown swimmer from the Czech Republic sneak up on them.
  These things happen, even to we seasoned knitters.  I was peacefully knitting around the edge of the angora shawl, watching an Italian beat the U.S. archer, when I noticed that the eyelets weren't lining up.  In fact, they were very, very askew.  So, following my coach's advice--shown here looking disinterested, but feeling the pressure intensely, I assure you--I frogged the whole edge and started over.
  It was a bit much to handle.  So I went outside and mowed, pulled weeds and weed-whacked.
  It helped, I can tell you.  I woke up this morning, ready to tackle that edge again, this time getting it right.  I have come to believe that, in knitting lace, although one needn't knit a swatch for gauge, one had darn well better knit a swatch to become familiar with the pattern. It might look straightforward on the chart, but it rarely is in real-life knitting situations!
 Here are the two shawls, side by side.  I'm saving the orange silk shawl for next week, to make sure it lasts through the games, but the white shawl's edge will occupy my time until then.  I've gotten 1 1/2 rounds done, roughly 800 stitches each round.  The chart is at the right side of the page, small but deceptively tricky.  I'm shooting for finishing it by tomorrow night, washing and blocking the shawl, to have it ready by my next days off, Sunday and Monday.  I wish there would be a sudden drop in temperature, so I could wear it to Sunday's GULP brunch (making doughnuts at home!  very excited!), or at least that our hosts will have the air conditioning very cool.
  Check in tomorrow for a progress report!


Roxie said...

Frogging angora? Oh, you are a better woman than I am! Your coach's calm and steady demeanor must have been vastly helpful. Two shawls - that's like competing in rhythmic gymnastics and the decathlon. You are multi-gifted!

Home-made donuts? Will you marry me and feed me straight into a heart attack? What a glorious way to go!

LA said...

Leo showed such calmness in the face of your setback. He's such a good coach...almost like he's been there before? It's good to know he's such a calming influence.