Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Trials

You may recall my poor showing in last Olympic's knitting event, a pink chenille scarf that lacked finishing by inches, modeled by my faithful dog/trainer.  This year, I've decided to go for the gold with just minutes to go before the opening ceremonies.  Here are the possible yarns, from left to right:
  1. 60% kid mohair/40% silk, from Shibui.  Luscious, soft, yarn of my dreams, but will be hard to un-knit in the event of an error.
  2. Hand spun silk scraps from Nepal, by Mango Moon.  Lumpy, fun and colorful, but probably too simple.  I don't want to finish it this weekend!
  3. Fine merino that I found in a box.  No details.  Will make a lovely shawl, but could be a little boring, simply because it's white
  4. 100% merino, hand spun and hand dyed by Abuelita yarns in Uruguay.  Eh!  It's kind of hard spun; it'll make a lovely shawl and might be the perfect choice.  But I don't know...
  5. 100% merino from Germany.  I can't read the label, but if I read it as if I'm reading English, it's very funny.  This yarn has a lovely hand, and I bought it Nashville last week, thinking of making a shawl for Mom.  I'm leaning toward it.
Well, it's time to order a pizza, make a yarn selection, choose a pattern, find some needles and prepare to cast on.  Technically, the opening ceremonies have already started, but they won't be televised here until 7:30.  If you're joining in Ravelry's Olympics, or just doing it on your, own, let me know!  We can cheer each other on!


Roxie said...

I vote for the white - with texture. Do cables, maybe, and play with ground stitches. Start with three stitches, increase at the beginning of each row, keep a border of 10 garter stitches, and knit till the last ball of yarn. Then finish with garter stitch.

YOu could do the same thing with the red I suppose. Dark colors don't show texture work too well, so the navy would be a no. Navy lace, though - -

LA said...

I wonder if weaving while watching the Olympics count???? I've got a project that I'm putting on the loom tonight.........

Bonnie said...

Ok, what choice did you make on the yarn. They are all lovely. I like red but that blue would not be as boring. Decisions?? Go get that gold!