Sunday, August 12, 2012

Closing Ceremonies

 We all remember the immortal words of Kurt Gowdy.  Or was it Jim McKay?  "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."  Can't you see that poor immortalized slalom skier plunging through the turnstiles?  Ouch!
  Well, these past two weeks have not quite been thrilling or agony, but I'm so glad I competed in the Woolympics, albeit by myself!  I finished the border of the angora shawl, calling Finishing an event unto itself.  I'd say I scored high marks.  I give myself a silver, because of the missed turn on one corner, but good time on the completion.

The agony of defeat would be the realization that I didn't have enough yarn to finish the silk shawl, and it was a closeout.  Not sure how to finish it, but it will definitely not be done in the next hour.  I gave it my all, but my math skills caught me up short again.  Oh, well!  It'll make a cute scarf, won't it?
As any great athlete will do, I've already planned my next goal.  I'm working on a square shawl that starts on four double point needles.  A bit tricky to start, but once I got past the first couple rows, I fell in love with it.   The instructions on the left are daunting, but I was getting the hang of them until I decided I didn't like the second pattern.  I found some interconnected hearts by another designer in another lace book and have started them.
  The next summer Olympics in Rio will need something very special to challenge me.  This is the summer of lace, but who knows what I'll fall in love with by 2016?

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LA said...

I'd say "GOLD" for overall achievement!