Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day Nine, Small Success

 Because I worked Thursday through Saturday, long and arduous days, I didn't have a chance to work on my Olympic events.  But this morning, I realized I had 1 1/2 rows left plus the bind-off of the white shawl, and I sat down to knit like the wind.  I finished, though I'm not very happy with the way the bind-off binds.  When I washed it and blocked it, I stretched as hard as I dared to get the binding to match the border lace.
  There are a couple of mistakes, silly ones.  I didn't notice that one of the markers for the corners was missing, and now one of the corners doesn't, y'know, corner!  It rounds its way around the bend.  The shawl is also smaller than I'd like, even though I added one entire pattern repeat to the pattern than it called for.   What are you gonna do?
  I do love the shawl, as one can love one's first born, and am impatiently waiting for it to dry so I can try it on.
  This morning, I had a busman's holiday, making doughnuts from 6 am to noon, for GULP, for our first-ever brunch.  I made three doughs, forming the sourdough doughnuts into balls and sticks.  The sticks were supposed to be filled with blueberry jam, but after making the jam, and making the doughnuts, I realized I didn't have any piping tips to push the jam into said doughnuts.  I dusted them in vanilla sugar and called it a day.
  I didn't take my camera to brunch, thinking that one of our members likes taking the pictures best, only to find that he was sick and didn't come.  I only have the doughnut photo to show you.  Please have a towel ready, so as not to ruin your keyboard.  They were delightful!
   And now it's back to the couch to assume the knitting position.  I must finish the orange silk shawl before the closing ceremonies!


LA said...

You went for the gold...and you have a shawl to show for it!!!! Yeah!!! The doughnuts deserve a gold metal, too!!!

LA said...

Uh-oh....that would be a gold "medal" wouldn't it!!!! LOL!

Roxie said...

Doughnuts! Gaining weight just by staring at them. Bliss!!

Can you crochet or knit an edging on your shawl to make it big enough?

Bonnie said...

The shawl is beautiful. Yumm. The donuts look so good.