Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day Three of Tapestry with Tommye

I tried to write this last night, after the third day of tapestry weaving, but I was exhausted!  We all shared similar stories, even Tommye.  We were all exhausted but happy.
Barbara's log cabin
  The third day, we left our samplers behind and made our own designs.  Barbara made a log cabin; Cindy made a row of houses a la Charleston; Shirley wove an abstract design in bright and soft colors; Sally made a beautiful ocean with fish.
  I drew a few designs, some with a leaf, some with a few leaves, but what I really wanted to weave was a sunflower.  I asked Tommye if she thought it was too complicated and she said no, showing where I should build up first before adding features.  I started tentatively at first, then took off.  The petals just kind of revealed themselves.
  When I got to the seeds in the center, it was not so easy.  I knew I wanted to do "pick and pick" but when I started, the mechanics stopped me.  I could do it easily across full rows, as I did in my sampler, but in a circle, the whole thing changes.  Where to start?  Where to change colors?  Tommye had me change one of my color blends, since it wasn't enough contrast, and then slowly led me through the first inch.  It started to make sense, and I quickly made it to the top of my drawing.  With two hours to go, Tommye said I could probably finish the circle and make the tapestry larger, so I kept on.
  One thing I didn't expect about tapestry was how sore it makes one's neck!  By the time I got to putting in the petals around the seeds, my neck was so sore!  When I put the green background in, I started going in the wrong direction with some of the other colors, and I just didn't care!  I wanted that sucker done!  If I'd been at home, it would have been stopping time, to finish another day, but we didn't have the choice!  So It's kind of a mess, kindly concealed now with its row of half hitches.
Cindy's tapestries
But I'm hooked!  I am already thinking about where I could reassemble my Navajo loom and start a new warp before I forget all the lessons I've learned.

Cindy weaving

Barbara at work
Sally's fish!

Shirley cutting off


SpinZen said...

I'm so impressed by what you were able to do! I look forward to seeing your next projects.

LA said...

I can't wait to hear where you set up your loom!!! Do you already have your first project in mind???? All of you got so much done in your 3 day workshop...congratulations!

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Wonderful posts, Maggie! Thanks for sharing our class... I'm hoping to post to my own blog about it this week.

K Spoering said...

Maggie, if you sit at a table and put your loom in your lap, propped against the table so you are looking down at it as you work, it may help your sore neck problem. Try it!
Your sunflower looks great!