Friday, November 2, 2012

Tapestry Class, Day Two

 On our second day with Tommye Scanlin, we learned to incorporate a third color into our sampler.  Tommye reviewed everything from yesterday, then showed us how to place that third color.  We were intimidated, and most of us carried on with our angles and hatching to avoid the color change!

I looked at some colors to add, and at first, chose this pink.  Then, I wound it up with two other pinks, one darker and one lighter.  But when I laid them in, I didn't like them.  I went with a brick red that I liked a lot better.  I love hatching, so I tried two different directions on either side of the red.

She showed us "pick & pick," which I incorporated next, after a little more angle practice.  The photo below shows where I left it today.  We spent the last half hour discussing tomorrow's lesson, a self-designed tapestry, made on the warp you see on the right of my sampler.  I'm thinking flower petals, woven sideways, using much warmer colors than today.  But we'll see what happens, won't we?

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LA said...

You got a lot done today. I'm looking forward to your show piece tomorrow!!!!