Thursday, July 4, 2013

Doing-what-I-want-to Kind of Day

 A few weeks ago, LouAnn came over and went through my leftover knitting yarns to put together scarf warps.  She grabbed a plastic box and made a turquoise combo.  It was pretty, but a little too untidy for my a-type personality to warm up to.  I kept looking at the box of warp possibilities, thinking what a lovely sweater it would make.  Then I found some yarn I took home from de-stashing at Mom's that would stretch into an actual garment.
  Last night, my insomnia kicked in and I sat up looking through knitting magazines.  I found a pattern from several years ago that would be perfect, and one that I've always been curious about.  It's knitted in the round, to the armholes, stopped there to insert the armholes, then knitted to the center front.  The sleeves are knitted in the round from the armholes to the wrists.  It looks like fun, and you can see in the bottom left how far I've gotten in just this morning.

Unfortunately, other things are languishing.  I have a couch full of projects being neglected!  But it's so much fun!
  Later today, I will take gingersnaps to a 4th of July dinner to go with Pat's fruit salad, but for now, I will knit on!


LA said...

What can I say....I love color and texture!!! And, you know that YOU knitters have the most yummy yarn!!!

Tina J said...

Oh, what fun! With ginger snaps too! Happy 4th!