Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's All Too Beautiful!

The great unwashed

If you read Loomy Tunes yesterday,,
 then you know about our dye-in at my house.  Lanny dyed a warp and a skein for me while I was dyeing wool, so the reveal this afternoon was a complete surprise to me.  And even though we've all done this quite a bit, it's usually still a surprise to unwrap everything after it's cured for 24 hours.
  Daydreaming about my rinse-out was what kept me going through scooping 630 cookies this afternoon.  Can't wait to see everything!  What's it going to look like?   What am I going to make with it all?  Oh, the excitement built to a fever pitch!
  I rushed home, but had to give Bella a bath first.  I found some new shampoo that promises to help her with itchy, yucky allergies.  Alas, I can hear her scratching now from across the house.  Sigh.
  Anyway, bath done and snuggling with fluffy towels over, I began to wash out the warps and skeins, small ones first.  One surprise led to another, and they were all pleasant.  True, I do wish the Chinese Red had stayed redder, but hey!  There's more dye and more yarn waiting for another day!

An aerial view


The lime green and yellow stuff is cotton-silk-nylon blend for a sweater to be knitted.  The dark blue variegated small one is a tencel warp for a scarf.  The long blue thing is a three-part warp I dyed using all the leftovers from everyone's experimenting, and will be a rep-weave placemat warp.  The long orange thing is a warp that will probably be turned overshot in Johann D's lovely daisy pattern.  The eggplant colored thing is my last skein undyed yesterday that I just dunked in the leftover eggplant.  I think it's tencel, and will be a lace knitted scarf.  The peachy stuff to the left is carpet warp, and was originally a warp I wound for Sheila who bought my loom, Nancy.  She was so overwhelmed that I decided not to give it to her, lest she become overly anxious about it.  Now it will probably be mug rugs for Christmas gifts.  The lovely variegated green is a warp of tencel that Lanny dyed.  He was worried that he used too much monochromatic themes, but since he didn't unwind my chains, the warps became more variegated than they would have otherwise.
  So now I have all this lovely, inspiring work ahead of me, and I couldn't be happier!  Unless I could just stay home and work on it...  Someone's got to win the lottery, right?

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LA said...

OK...I'm home and I can't wait to rinse my skeins!!! The yellow and green piece turned out great!!!!