Wednesday, December 25, 2013

All is Calm

Is this the right Weft for this warp?
I have spent the last 3 hours winding a new warp onto Jenny, drinking cocoa and eating leftover cookies from my neighbors' boxes.  Remember, cookies have eggs and butter and flour, the same ingredients as toast.  Perfect breakfast!
  As the sun comes up, I'm ready to thread heddles, and am so excited about this new warp.  Gifts are done and being opened.  Everyone else has been thought of prior to today, and this lovely day off is mine, all mine!  When this warp is threaded and ready, I'll either start it, or finish the black Huck lace warp on Tootsie.  I might cut fleece into strips to finish the shag rug warp on Jennifer.  I might knit my new cowl.  I might take a nap.  Ah, the possibilities!  Sloth or industry?  Maybe a little of both?
  This year has been challenging for me, and I'm ready to send it off into history.  I have high hopes for 2014, lots of wishes and prayers and wonders.  Dear Readers, I hope your day is wonderful, full of love and friendship and doing whatever you want to do.
Peace and love,
Maggie, Leo, Weftie and Bella


LA said...

Merry Christmas, my friend! Leo has made the photo for next year's card......just saying!

Theresa said...

Hmm, I did a bit of both industry and sloth today too. Great pictures, I agree with LA. That pic of Leo is card worthy! Happy and Merry to you and yours.

Tina J said...

That sounds like my favorite kind of day! For me, it is the day after Christmas, especially when the kids were little, and everyone was happy with all their new toys! They would leave me alone with my coffee and jigsaw puzzle! :)

Sharon said...

Cats are the best kind of helpers, plus they're good for the soul. Let's hope we both have a better 2014!