Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Time at Home

 I was so happy to have yesterday off, with no obligations, that I worked just as hard as if I'd been at work!  And make cake, bagels, soup and stock.  Yes, quite a day off!
  But I also knitted and wove a little.  I'd love to show you photos of the knitting, but it's close to Christmas and folks who read my blog would all be wondering what's for them. 
 And that's no fun, is it?  I think what I love most about the holidays is the constant wonder, of what's next, what's for whom, who's giving me what, how things I'm making will be received.  It's all lovely, painful suspense. 

 The pattern on Tootsie is coming along quickly and looking good.  I've had some problems with the proximity of her brake to treadle 3, but I've found that if I treadle softly, they can co-exist.  That should be a slogan, don't you think?  Treadle Softly and Co-Exist.  Great bumper sticker!
  As I listen to Christmas jazz on Spotify and weave merrily along, I'm surprised to see my constant progress indicated by the measuring tape, but then sneak a peek behind and find so much more warp to go!  I might learn from my friends who wind small warps and finish things quickly, but then I'd spend more time winding warps and less time weaving.  I'll just have to find more recipients for these table runners.  Any volunteers out there?


LA said...

You were busy yesterday! It was a good day to work inside!

Anonymous said...

Treadle softly and co-exist...love it. Love all the wonderful food, makes me hungry just to look at it. Table runner? Put me in the receiving line please!

Theresa said...

OMG, BAGELS, you make bagels!!! I haven't had a decent one since I left the east coast.
That would make a great bumper sticker, or T shirt....
Okay, now I simply must go find something to eat. You've made me hungry...second breakfast anyone?1

Tina J said...

Yay! You got Tootsie up and running! We enjoyed some of those goodies at Tuesday's potluck, YUM!