Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Week

 Here in Knoxville, we weren't expecting the huge amounts of snow others are getting, or have gotten.  My son told me this morning that Nashville got 8 inches yesterday!  And my sister and Mom are probably still getting dumped on.  We closed the bakery on Thursday, but probably would have been fine  We have a great mayor, and a tremendous group of city employees who took good care of the roads and power outages, if there were any.  
  It's still lightly snowing, but I'll be back at work tomorrow, after a three-day break.  School was cancelled Monday, so we had a busy day in the kitchen yesterday, making lots of vegetable dishes.  The people who weren't in my baking class last semester will be in the new class in the fall, so it's great to get to know them now.  

I finished the beaded overshot shawl, and gave it to a lovely woman I work with at the bakery.  She brought back the most incredible silk shawl for me from Iraq when she had to go back this summer to renew her visa, and her birthday was the first week of January, so I had to make it special.  

She told me it was a winter shawl, because it's a bit heavier than the ones she usually wears, but I think she did like it.  I loved the way it came out, so soft and drapey, and I love the beads on the fringe.  I finished the last foot of the warp in a gold rayon, that will probably become a bag or an insert on a blouse I make later.

Now there are a whole lot of naked looms!  Jenny, Jennifer and Tootsie are shivering in the cold, and it's my goal to get two out of three dressed this week.  I wound on the white for the turned overshot curtains onto Tootsie this morning, and I'm going to have the pattern warp hanging separately off the back, weighted.  It's only 54 threads on the main pattern, and 16 on the top pattern.  I think it should be fine.  I had trouble with the tension when I wound it all together the first two times I tried turned overshot.  I'll report back as it progresses.
  Jenny will get the tartan warp, and I've decided to wind that one by warp stripes, to keep it from being too confusing.  I've got my threading pattern set, and just need the time and umph! to get it going.
  But my umph got worn down by winding on the warp this morning, and I had to sit and knit for a while.  You might remember that I was knitting a sweater for Matt, until he told me the color was too girlie.  Well, last week, Loopville was having a sale, and I just happened in to buy a set of double point needles to finish some mittens.  All the yarn was 15% off, and they never have sales.  They called it a Flash Sale.  Well, what an opportunity!  So, I bought new, much manlier yarn for Matt's sweater.  I'm keeping the pattern the same, with a Gansey-type pattern between the two cables, and a single seed stitch on the sides, rather than the original double seed stitch.  

Complete cat coverage for maximum warmth

I've had a peaceful afternoon, watching British mysteries on Netflix, knitting, covered with cats to keep warm.  I hope you're as fortunate, safe and warm!

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LA said...

I think you nailed the "manly" color for M this time!!! And, the pattern is very manly, too....Irish fisherman pattern??? Aren't we so lucky we have our kitties to keep us warm! So, it's a "4 cat night" at your house???