Thursday, January 7, 2016

What's Now and What's Next

As I weave, or knit, or sew, I'm usually thinking about what I'm working on right then, if it's new, but as I go along, and get farther into the project, I start thinking about what's next.  This morning, as I wove the Juliet 2 shawl, about halfway done now, I started thinking about what I want to do next.

 I thought about the Davidson Tartan that Mom gave me all the yarn for when I was visiting at Thanksgiving.  She wants me to weave a yard for each of us, 6 yards.  I like to use up my whole warping board, so it would probably be more like 8 1/2, if I have enough yarn.  That sounds nice, and I probably should do that soon.  But I need to think about it some more.
  Then, I thought about all those colors of carpet warp I have, and how fun it would be to weave something bright, with thicker warp and weft than I've been using for the past many years.  Which led me to think about how much I enjoyed the turned overshot for my bathroom curtain, which made me realize I really need a new one, and one for the kitchen would be nice, too.
  Turned overshot requires 6 shafts, so it would have to go on either Tootsie, currently naked but in need of modifications, or Jennifer, also naked but rather large for a 22 inch warp.  And I'd love to load Jennifer up with a wide fabric warp.

 Here are the colors I've chosen for the kitchen, some hand-dyed left over from a long-ago baby blanket project, mixed with collected carpet warp colors.  It reminds me of sea glass, and won't go with the butter yellow of my kitchen, but will cheer me up no end as I wash dishes.
  I need to pick out an overshot pattern, probably from Bertha Gray Hayes again.  I'm wondering if it's possible to have two different patterns on the same piece?  They'd have to have the same treadling, so I'm guessing not, but I will research that today.

 I've been knitting, too, when I feel like watching t.v.--Downton Abbey Premier!  Yay!--like mittens from some cotton-silk-linen blend, in a lace pattern I can't stop knitting.
 And I started a sweater for Matt before Christmas, but realized it wasn't going to be done in time.  Meanwhile, I made him a hat in the same color, which he pronounced, "Grandma-esque."  Okay, so no sweater for him!  I'll either continue for myself, or rip it out and make a different sweater.  The center motif should have another row of stockinette in each, which would make it pucker less, so I'm pretty sure "frogging" is what will happen to it next.  The photo doesn't show that it is, indeed, Periwinkle, and maybe not the manliest of colors, but I just thought it would look good on him.  I'll need to shop for some more MANLY wool, something in a nice, scratchy earth tone, perhaps.
Sunny on fabric
Weft on warp
 Life has not been without its cuteness.  Weft likes laying on warp, as is only right, and the kittens are growing up and in more trouble all the time.  Daisy has been banished from the Loominaria, but that leaves others out, too, which is lonely.  Daisy's a warp-thread ripping fool, and I need to find a better preventative than simply shutting the door.


LA said...

I'm usually thinking about the next project while I'm winding a warp!!! One of these days we are going to sit down and you can show me how you turn your overshot pattern. The one I attempted was a big failure!!! Weftie just gets more handsome by the day!

Sharon said...

I'm glad to see you're weaving again and I'm with LA, I'm always pulling cones and pondering the next project while I'm still threading. I love everything about weaving, except for un-weaving :)