Saturday, January 21, 2017

Might as Well Weave

 It is a gray, cloudy day, dripping from everywhere.  Bella and I went for a long walk with Olivia, our neighbor, before the storm got here, but now, we're trapped inside.  Bella's napping, but only because she can't hold the shuttle or reed hook.
  So, I might as well weave.  I finished my third inkle band just a minute ago, and while I was finishing it, I watched a video on pick-up weaving.  I don't think that's next; I think I'll make one more plain weave band, this time in red, black and white.  I already drew up the pattern, and have the yarn ready to go downstairs.

But this afternoon, I want to finish threading this warp.  I'm over 2/3 of the way done, but this gray weather is making me sleeeeeeepyyyy!  I can't concentrate very well!  But I'll try, because I hate to waste a good day off sleeping.  Tomorrow, I'm going to Nashville, so I need to get something done today!  Besides, I'm anxious to see this plaited twill come to life.  I'm falling in love with this warp, and I know it's going to be fun to weave.  I haven't woven much on the Colonial but rugs, and I've never used all 8 shafts, that I recall, so it'll be an adventure.  I've woven with 8 shafts before, but not on the Colonial.  I'm interested to see how the shaft set-up, where they all seem to be kind of flopping around, will work.  It was fine with 6 shafts for rug weaving, but rugs are pretty forgiving, especially the shag rugs I love to weave.  This new pattern will show an error immediately.
  I'm using the pattern #380 from Carol Strickler's book, A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns. my first try at a pattern from that book.  I'm excited to get started, so I'll make a cup of tea to ward off the urge to nap and get going.  I'll show you how it went next week!

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LA said...

Hurry up and get started!!! I love that plaited twill pattern!